Mill Turn

GVM continues to invest in Mill Turn machining and automation. These advances in our efficiency and continued innovation reflects in our complex part capabilities, cost effective pricing, and ability to handle high volume delivery requirements.

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High Volume Production

GVM has multiple work centers and additional shifts to offer! Pair this available capacity with the efficiency of Mill Turn machining, and you get high output of machined components with consistent quality.

Whether its one-time large volume needs or long-term repeating requirements, GVM can help.

Small and Large Part Capabilities

GVM is known for large part machining and our Mill Turn size capabilities are no different.

GVM work envelopes:
1.00”- 42.00” Diameters
.500” – 160.00” Lengths
1 lb – 15,000 lb Weights

Close Tolerance Machining

Mill Turn machining allows all (or most ) features to be machined in the same, “One and Done” set up.

This unique capability lends itself to close tolerance work for aerospace, power generation, defense related needs, and more. GVM can hold tolerances, repeatably, to .001”