Our multiple facilities are designed around different size ranges of parts to allow us to provide a wide variety of machined products with overhead structures at each location to facilitate competitive pricing.


Deep Hole Boring
2-in. (50.8 mm) – 58-in. (1473.2 mm) diameter up to 64-ft. (19.51 m) long

Deep Hole Carbide & Spade Drilling
2-in. (50.8 mm) diameter & up

Deep Hole Trepanning
4-in. (101.6 mm) diameter & up x 64-ft. (19.51 m)

CNC Turning
Shafts to 84-in. (2133.6 mm) diameter x to 67-ft in length (20.42 m)

CNC Large Milling
Large Rectanglar Shaped Parts upto 16’ x 14’ x 8’, such as Fabrications, Castings, Forgings, etc.

2-in. (50.8 mm) – 30-in. (762.0 mm) dia. x 70-ft. (21.34 m)

Production & Repetitive Parts
(fast throughput)

Building 51 & Corporate Headquarters

Building 51 & Corporate Headquarters

Building 51 houses GVM’s corporate offices and machining/assembly facility specializing in high volume, automated production. GVM has many 5 axis Mill Turns to accommodate complex and high-volume requirements.

Small Shaft Plant - Building 52

Small Shaft Plant – Building 52

Building 52 houses our corporate offices for operations, quality, & sales divisions. Over 24,00 sq ft. under roof, specializing in turning, boring, and honing of 2″-15″ inside diameter cylindrical parts up to 30″ in OD and 25 feet long.

Long Shaft Plant - Building 82

Long Shaft Plant – Building 82

The “Flagship” of GVM’s operations has over 70,000 sq. ft.under roof and specializes in CNC & Manual boring and turning of cylindrical parts up to 84″ OD x 61″ ID x 68 feet in length.

Warren Plant

Warren Plant

Our plant in Warren, Pennsylvania mills “Block” type parts for various industries and compliments many of our larger “Shaft” and “Hollow” type parts that requiring milling profiles as well.