Deep Hole Boring

GVM specializes in long, deep hole boring services. With our proprietary tooling and a wide range of manual and CNC work centers, we are capable of boring parts up to 70’ in length, 61” in diameter, with tolerances of .002” on diameter, and surface finishes to 8 Ra or better. Be sure to ask about our Trepanning and Large Honing capabilities up to 33”.

  • Our facilities in Titusville & Pleasantville, PA have a wide range of manual and CNC work centers to fit your needs and capacity for most lead times needed.

Grand Valley has developed proficiency in several different techniques that facilitate the machining of your parts:

  • Line Boring involves rotating the cutting tool (which is located on a bar between bearings) while the piece remains stationary. It allows work on bores that do not lend themselves to rotation and permits bore work which does not require 100% cleanup.
  • Push Boring is the most common form of stock removal from inside diameters and is typically used to produce a straight bore in line with the O.D. Grand Valley has developed proprietary tooling which allows us to remove large amounts of material in a single pass, or to bore up to 40 feet in one direction.
  • Pull Boring is a technique which pilots off the rough bore and will follow the existing hole. It can be used in smaller diameters to remove material quickly while maintaining a good surface finish.
    Bored Ingot and Electrode molds produce higher yields than “as cast” molds. They are easier to strip and require little or no surface preparation

If it looks like it doesn’t fit, call to speak with one of our technical experts.

Facility Capabilities at a Glance

Small Shaft Buildings 51 & 52Medium Shaft Plant
Outside Diameter2.00″ – 24.00″ OD4″.00 – 48.00″ OD
Inside Diameter1.180″ – 6.00″ ID2.25″ – 40.00″ ID
Length25′ (300″ )50′ (600″)
Weight10 Ton Crane20 Ton Crane

Large Shaft Buildings 82 & 87Large Milling Plant
Outside Diameter4.00″ – 98.00″ OD2.00″ – 20′ (240″) Width
Inside Diameter2.00″ – 60.00″ IDup to 7′ (84″) Height
Length70′ (840″)up to 20′ (240″) Length
Weight130 Ton Crane20 Ton Crane