About Grand Valley Manufacturing

We have over 60 years experience, in diverse industries, producing long, large and heavy parts up to 64 feet in length.

  • Machining – Deep Hole Machining, CNC Turning, CNC Milling, Honing, & Polishing
  • Stress Relieve Furnace
  • Raw Material Sizing and Purchasing – Forgings, Seamless Pipe, Extrusions, Fabrications, Castings, Powdered Metal, HR and CR Bar, etc.

Grand Valley Mfg. also has an comprehensive library of qualified vendors for:

  • Welding – AWS D1.1, etc.
  • Cladding – Mig, Tig, etc.
  • Coatings – TSA, Phosphate, etc.
  • NDE Testing – PT, MP, UT, etc.
  • Plating – Chrome, Nickel, etc.

Our History

1950 Grand Valley Mfg. Co. formed in Grand Valley, PA by Harry A. Ewing
1953 GVM Co. incorporated as a Pennsylvania Corporation
1957 GVM has 3 major customers and 13 employees
1961 Purchased Titusville Tank Plant on Spring Street in Titusville, PA (7,000 sq. ft.)
1963 H. Richard Ewing becomes President of GVM Company
1968 Purchased Struthers Wells Corp. Bldg. on Washington Street, Titusville, PA (37,000 sq. ft.)
1976 Purchased additional property adjacent to Main Plant and doubled plant size
1995 Leased additional plant space at former Allied Roll Building at Pleasantville, PA. Named plant #2, or Hilltop Facility
1996 Leased Heavy Machining Plant in New Castle, PA
1998 Moved Heavy Machining Plant to Warren, PA. Named plant #3, or Warren Facility
2002 David B. Ewing becomes President and Chairman of the Board. GVM Co. acquires Blue Chip Tool Co. in New Castle, PA. 
2007 GVM sells 70% of assets and Washington Street building and moves Block Type / Chuck Type plant to former Cytemp building in Titusville Opportunity Park. Large milling plant is moved to former Struther’s Well building in Warren, PA.
2015 Since the sale in 2007, GVM has regrown to it’s previous size, expanding it’s capabilities for long, large,& heavy milling, turning and boring. GVM continues to grow it’s market share and capacity to compete in existing and new industries. GVM currently operates 4 separate facilities in the Titusville and Warren, PA areas.

Grand Valley Manufacturing possesses an exceptional level of unique machining capabilities that are greatly beneficial to our industry.

Robert Twine

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Our full service locations can provide you with turn-key solutions for many industry projects including Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Power Generation, & Primary Metals to name a few. We have experience in all types of materials including exotic alloys. We  can handle everything from sourcing material, coatings, stress relieve, and machining. Contact us today to discuss what we can do for you.